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SF Bay Area-based saxophonist, producer and composer Lincoln Adler can be heard on tracks by Katy Perry, Killy, Funkadelic, Gift of Gab, Zion I, Jeff Goldblum, K. D. Lang, The Jets and Olivia Newton John as well as his own band, Times 4. As a producer/songwriter he’s had songs on the charts in the U.S. and U.K., and as a composer, his music is included in movies, national TV commercials, industrials and on numerous albums.

His boutique production companies – Groove Tonic Media and Executive Branch Productions – help talented artists realize their creative artistic recording potential. He’s profoundly interested in all aspects of creativity, in what makes us tick as both individuals and as artists, and in how to lead a life of success and happiness in the modern world.

“Characterized by cohesive improvisation and filled with the spirit of hip-hop rhythms and a groove-based approach, the music surges with a mesmerizing power and charms accordingly.”  



august, 2022

Featured Music

I’m celebrating the release of a new album – Tabula Rasa. It’s dedicated to the idea of starting fresh, a new beginning, with a blank slate. And it features the single, Alchemy, about how getting the mix of ingredients just right ends up creating a whole that’s so much more than the sum of the parts. You can hear the whole album below, or check it out on your favorite streaming service. I hope you enjoy it!

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Frame of Mind

I’m proud to announce the release of Frame of Mind by my band Times 4. It’s a mix of songs recorded live in the studio, capturing Times 4 in their improvisational element. Here are the…

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Tunes I Can’t Get Out of My Head

There is so much good music coming out all the time! So much so, in fact, sometimes it’s nice to have a curator to serve it up, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time looking around for…

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Tabula Rasa

I’m proud to announce the release of Tabula Rasa – the quintet collection of my latest music. Featuring the amazing artistry of Erik Jekabson on trumpet, Mike Blankenship on keys, Scott…

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The In Between

My tune, The In Between, is the latest from my new project, Tabula Rasa. It’s about finding meaning in those moments of transition, when you’re moving from one thing to another. Just…

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Stepping Into Bliss (edits)

Presenting a special release of “Stepping Into Bliss”, just in time for Winter Solstice and the Convergence. I was truly feeling that with all we’ve been dealing with, everyone…

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The Point

The Point is another installment in my Tabula Rasa project. It’s a moody ballad with a very laid-back, chill vibe. There’s a beautiful flugelhorn solo by Erik Jekabson. The title of my…

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