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I’m an SF Bay Area-based saxophonist, producer, composer and certified yoga instructor. I’ve performed and recorded with many wonderful artists including actor/musician Jeff Goldblum, K. D. Lang, The Jets, Olivia Newton John, and Killy. As a producer and composer, I have had music included in movies, national TV commercials, industrials and on numerous albums.

My boutique production companies – Groove Tonic Media and Executive Branch Productions – help talented artists realize their creative artistic recording potential. I’m profoundly interested in all aspects of creativity, in what makes us tick as both individuals and as artists, and in how to lead a life of success and happiness in the modern world.

“Characterized by cohesive improvisation and filled with the spirit of hip-hop rhythms and a groove-based approach, the music surges with a mesmerizing power and charms accordingly.”  



may, 2020

Featured Music

The featured music is my new song Secrets.
It was a big step personally to include some of my own vocals 😀 The story is about being in close relationship with your partner and wanting to know as much as you can about them in these times of isolation.

Here’s the player if you’d like to stream this album on Spotify…


Recent Writings

Balcony Concert – You Don’t Know Me

Hearing Ray Charles sing this is an out-of-body experience for me…truly breathtaking. I put my own spin on it here for the Balcony Concert. So fun entertaining the folks around me –…

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Here’s my new song, Secrets. It started with a funky, slow R&B groove. Then I got the crazy idea that I should sing on it. I was a big fan of Roger and Zapp back in the day, so I wanted to…

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Balcony Concert – Like an Old Cigarette

A Tango on the Balcony. Kurt Ribak writes the most amazing songs…you hear them once and they stay with you for a long time. This is one of my favorites, and it was a huge hit on the balcony.…

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Balcony Concert – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! This is dedicated to my mother. She grew up in Trinidad, and she loves calypso music. When I was in high school, my band director told me to listen to Sonny Rollins. Mind…

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