My Story

I’m an SF Bay Area-based saxophonist, producer, composer and certified yoga instructor. I’ve performed and recorded with many wonderful artists including actor/musician Jeff Goldblum, K. D. Lang, The Jets, Olivia Newton John, and Killy. As a producer and composer, I have had music included in movies, national TV commercials, industrials and on numerous albums.

My boutique production companies – Groove Tonic Media and Executive Branch Productions – help talented artists realize their creative artistic recording potential. I’m profoundly interested in all aspects of creativity, in what makes us tick as both individuals and as artists, and in how to lead a life of success and happiness in the modern world.

“Characterized by cohesive improvisation and filled with the spirit of hip-hop rhythms and a groove-based approach, the music surges with a mesmerizing power and charms accordingly.”  



february, 2020

Featured Album

The featured album is Grateful. My goal was to write a suite of songs inspired by the gratitude I was feeling about many aspects of my life. Some great musicians join me on this project, and the cover art is by the amazing Julie Ann Accornero. If you’d like to stream this album, follow the links to listen on Spotify or iTunes.

Recent Writings

Yoga Playlist

One of the great joys of teaching yoga is creating the environment for the students to have a wonderful class. For me a big part of this is in making a playlist that encourages and inspires folks to move and vibe with spirit of the class.

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Prince demo – I Feel For You

As a songwriter and producer, I'm always so curious about how a song starts it's life. Every songwriter has their own way of bringing together the music, the words and the melody. I'm a huge Prince fan, and it's exciting to get some insight to his creative process.

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Ibrahim Maalouf

This French-Lebanese trumpeter creates an enticing cultural mix of music. Blending sounds from his Lebanese roots with Cuban grooves and some amazing musicians, including Roberto Fonseca, Alfredo Rodriguez, and Harold López-Nussa. There's even a cameo speech by Obama. I'm sure you're going to find much joy and happiness in listening to this album.

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It feels fitting writing the first blog post for my new site on the subject of Gratitude. The site is a new beginning, a blank canvas full of possibilities. And none of it would be possible without all that came before.

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