Happy Mother’s Day!

This is dedicated to my mother. She grew up in Trinidad, and she loves calypso music. When I was in high school, my band director told me to listen to Sonny Rollins. Mind blown. My favorite of all sax players. And my first album of his, Saxophone Colossus, had this song on it – St. Thomas. My mom loved when I’d play it…maybe not over and over again so I could learn the solo, but other than that 🙂

The Balcony Concerts.

Social Distancing forces us to find creative ways of connecting with our friends, our neighbors. I started doing a series of Balcony Concerts two or three times a week to entertain the folks who are stuck in their apartments around me. It’s truly wonderful to see them come out on their decks when they hear the music, and just sit and relax, and listen. So peaceful 🙂