A pre-release Easter/Passover gift

I’ve just finished a new song, and since there’s a bunny in the title, I thought it fitting to send out a pre-release gift to celebrate Easter and Passover.

It’s entitled Sparky Bunny. It’s an uplifting groove, with a catchy melody, lots of improv going on…just wanting to spread a little joy, and hope it puts a smile on your face, and maybe even gets you feeling like groovin’ around the house a bit.

It’s on Bandcamp. My music is out there and it’s donation-based. You can listen for free any time. If you feel like. you want to own a copy of the song, please download it. If you’d like to contribute something to my music fund, please feel free. But that’s by no means a requirement. My first goal is bring a little joy to the world, and that’s truly enough for me.

Click below if you’d like to stream it on Spotify:


Stream it all here.


The graphic design is something I dreamed up…


Sparky Bunny.