The Point is another installment in my Tabula Rasa project.

It’s a moody ballad with a very laid-back, chill vibe. There’s a beautiful flugelhorn solo by Erik Jekabson.

The title of my project, Tabula Rasa, means “blank slate”, and is an ode to starting fresh…in this case with my music. It’s definitely a nod to the past influences…Grover, Turrentine, Sanborn, Felder (I could go on and on 🙂 But it’s also something new for me – I’m working with a whole new crew of musicians:

  • Erik Jekabson on trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Mike Blankenship on keyboards
  • Scott Thompson on bass
  • Aaron Green on drums

All so talented and amazing to work with. Listen to the song below, and if you’re inspired, you can click through and hear more music, or purchase the track. Thanks for listening!